Eyes Unclouded

I want to unlock it. Turn night into day and day into night. Put the rhythm that I tap out with my drum sticks into my mind and free it. Lift it up to put it down and turn space and time inside out. I see things too clearly now. And I’m standing in the dark. Alone on a park bench and making love to my beautiful woman all at once. All at once. Everything. All at once. I’m expanding and retreating within myself. Knowing that we’re living in hell. “There’s ice in the heart of the Earth..” Right? I’m just tired of the evil I see. But, isn’t there a way to win this war in peace? I take my stand like Ashitaka. The thing I speak against I don’t even say because I feel it gives it power. You can’t stop the flow. Not alone, or together. “We always knew how to weather the weather.” I don’t know anything. “I was throwing it then.” I just follow the lead of the only voice I’ve ever really trusted since birth. Become blind to see. Stop thinking to know.

"Go forth and see what you can see with eyes unclouded by hate."